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We are a video game developer based in Porto Alegre, Brasil. Revolver was founded in 2007 by Eduardo Gottschald, later Gustavo Scandiuzzi da Silveira joined the firm as partner and lead artist.

In the beginning we have worked with advertising games, and through our partners, with clients such as Coca Cola, Fiat and China in Box.

Now our focus is exclusively on games and we take pride in the constant pursuit of high standards of development, always pushing the limits of technology, art and design, so that the experience of playing our games become really emotive, immersive and above all fun.


The age of Greek gods had passed, the deities and their tales had vanished from the world, and powerful relics forgotten in time.

To turn the tides of the ravaging war between Asgard and the giants, Valgard, a Norse warrior, and bearer of the "Fist of Berserker" was entrusted, by Odin father of all, to recover a powerful relic from the old gods.

Now Valgard must cross the ancient eight realms to reach the eternal gardens where no men had never been, resting place of the legendary armor of Achilles.


Trapped in a world of constant change, Heraclitus must adapt himself to this challenging environment and return to his origin.

A game side-scroller platform 2.5D puzzle, made in Unreal 4 in 48 hours for a competition. The briefing of the competition was the phrase, "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he's not the same man." (Heraclitus of Ephesus, 535 BC approx. - 475 BC).

The young Heraclius awakened in Panta Rhei, an abstract world that is constantly changing, and now he must find his way back. But it will not be easy, because this scenario has traps and puzzles during your route. To overcome them, the greek should adapt himself to the environment and change with it.

Little GuyWindowsMac

Help Jack to fight against the terrorists till he reaches the rescue helicopter.

Little guy is a free two button platform game for web and mobile, developed in Unity Engine.

In Little Guy you control Jack, who is always moving, and you must control his jumps to dodge obstacle, jump between platforms, collect points, aim and shoot at his enemies in this two buttons game. Set in a thematic of war, the hero, soldier Jack, the last man in field, must go through many levels in various scenarios to complete his mission.

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